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Dr. Kevin Leo Yabut Nadal is an award-winning professor, psychologist, performer, activist, and author, who received his doctorate in counseling psychology from Columbia University in New York City. Currently, he is the Executive Director of the CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies at the Graduate Center (GC) at the City University of New York (CUNY), as well as an Associate Professor of psychology at both John Jay College of Criminal Justice and GC- CUNY. He is one of the leading researchers in understanding the impacts of microaggressions , or subtle forms of discrimination, on the mental and physical health of people of color; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) people; and other marginalized groups. He has published over 60 works on multicultural issues in the fields of psychology and education. A California-bred New Yorker, he was named one of People Magazine's hottest bachelors in 2006; he once won an argument with Bill O'Reilly on Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor"; and he was even once a Hot Topic on ABC's "The View". He has been featured in the New York Times, Buzzfeed, PBS, the Weather Channel, the History Channel, HGTV, Philippine News, The Filipino Channel, and Filipinas Magazine. He is the author of five books including Filipino American Psychology: A Handbook of Theory, Research, and Clinical Practice (2011, John Wiley and Sons), Filipino American Psychology: A Collection of Personal Narratives (2010, Author House), Women and Mental Disorders (2011, Praeger), That's So Gay: Microaggressions and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community (2013, APA Books), and Filipinos in New York City (2015, Arcadia). He is the President-Elect of the Asian American Psychological Association, a National Trustee of the Filipino American National Historical Society (FANHS), a grantee of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and a co-founder of the LGBTQ Scholars of Color Network. In 2011, he received the Early Career Award for Contributions to Excellence by the Asian American Psychological Association and in 2012, he received the Emerging Professional Award for Research from the American Psychological Association Division 45.


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UPDATE March 1, 2015

My new book Filipinos in New York City will be released later this month!

Official book launch is April 17, 2017 at John Jay College of Criminal Justice - CUNY

UPDATE February 18, 2015

I am featured on Fox News talking about Gender Inclusion at the CUNY Graduate Center.

UPDATE July 1, 2014
Thank you to The Filipino Channel and Adobo Nation for featuring me as a Fil-Am Achiever!

UPDATE May 30, 2014
My first article in the New York Times!

UPDATE May 7, 2014
Two major announcements!

1) I was recently appointed as the Executive Director of the Center for Lesbian and Gay Studies (CLAGS), which is housed at the Graduate Center of CUNY. CLAGS is the FIRST university-based research center in the United States (

2) I was recently elected as President of the Asian American Psychological Association (AAPA). As you may know, AAPA is the premiere, national organization on psychological and mental health issues of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in the US (

Thank you so much for all of your support these past several years. It's going to be a busy, yet amazing, 3 years!

UPDATE February 25, 2014

UPDATE (February 20, 2014)

I'm happy to announce that I have been featured on Buzzfeed, along with 19 of my friends. The article focuses on LGBT microaggressions. Spread the word!

UPDATE (February 7, 2014)
Please read this blog I wrote for the American Psychological Association

UPDATE (November 9, 2013)
So honored to have been featured in the Advocate! Click on the link below!

UPDATE (October 10, 2013)
I had a great time appearing on The Brian Lehrer Show to discuss the history and experiences of Filipino Americans in New York City. I am joined by my friend Linda Oalican of Damayan Migrant Workers Organization ( The segment begins at 7:53. Enjoy!

"The Brian Lehrer Show" (CUNY-TV, 10.9.13)

UPDATE (September 3, 2013)
I am featured in a new article with the magazine, CUNY Matters
Microaggressions in the Workplace

UPDATE (July 1, 2013)
I am honored to be part of a list on Buzzfeed called
27 Filipinos Who Make You Proud To Be Pinoy

UPDATE (June 26, 2013)

Thank you Supreme Court of the United States for putting an end to the Defense of Marriage Act and CA's Proposition 8.

UPDATE (May 25, 2013)
Please read this new article that I wrote, entitled
Anti-Gay Hate Crimes on the Rise in New York City: A Call to the Community

UPDATE (February, 19, 2013)
My newest book "That's So Gay!: Microaggressions and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community was released on February 18, 2013. Learn more about the book by clicking on the image below.

UPDATE (August 10, 2012)
I am honored to have been awarded the Emerging Professional Award for Research from the APA Division 45.  Here I am photographed with the award, as well as with my mentor and distinguished psychologist Dr. Derald Wing Sue.


UPDATE (June 1, 2012)
Please read and share my new article I wrote entitled

How Glee and Modern Family are Making Us Less Afraid of LGBT People

UPDATE (May 24, 2012)
Here is a new article I wrote entitled
Why Jessica Sanchez Should Have Won American Idol


UPDATE (May 17, 2012)
Check out this new video documentary about my 10 year anniversary in New York.

An Empire Decade: The Story of Dr. Kevin Nadal

UPDATE (May 10, 2012)

 Please read this article that I wrote regarding President Obama's new stance on same-sex marriage.
 Obama Takes a Stand for Gay Rights

 Also, I am please to announce that I have learned that I have received the 
Emerging Professional Award for Research from
American Psychological Association Division 45
Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues.

The award is given to early career psychologists (within 10 years of graduation) who have contributed significantly
to ethnic minority psychology.  I am greatly honored, particularly after seeing the names of people who have won the award in the past. Maraming Salamat, APA Division 45.

UPDATE (February 26, 2012)

Check out this great article written in the NEW YORK TIMES!
(Click on the picture or link below)

UPDATE (February 22, 2012)

Come visit "Singgalot: The Ties that Bind" the Smithsonian Exhibit which is being held at the 
Charles B. Wang Center
at SUNY Stonybrook.
I will be hosting the Campus Opening Reception on March 8, 2012.
Click on the link below for more information!

UPDATE (February 1, 2012)

Hope you are all enjoying the new year so far.  Please purchase my newest book
Women and Mental Disorders 
a four volume set that I co-edited with
 Dr. Paula Lundberg-Love & Dr. Michele Paludi

UPDATE (November 11, 2011)

On this amazing 11.11.11, I am so proud and humbled in announcing that I received TENURE and PROMOTION,
after a short and wonderful 3 years of being an assistant professor.
Maraming salamat (many thanks) to all of you for being my support and inspiration! :)

Love, Kevin Nadal, Ph.D.,
Associate Professor of Psychology

UPDATE (October 31, 2011)

Check out this article I wrote on LGBT Bullying

Check out this article I wrote on Filipino Americans and Hip Hop

UPDATE (August 9, 2011)

I'm honored to have been nominated as one of The Outstanding Filipino Americans of New York.

I am also honored to have received awards from the
Asian American Psychological Association (AAPA)
the Filipino American Human Services, Inc. (FAHSI)


Maraming Salamat (Many Thanks) for two amazing honors.

UPDATE (July 15, 2011)
For the most recent updates, please see my facebook or twitter pages below.  In the meantime, here are some announcements.

1) I am honored to announce that I have been the recipient of three wonderful awards
a) Early Career Contributions to Excellence Award of the Asian American Psychological Association
b) the first "Kababayan Award" from the Filipino American Human Services, Inc.
c) 2011 Champion of Diversity Award from

2) I also happily announce that my Racial and Ethnic Microaggression Scales (REMS) is now available for use. 

If you are interested, please contact my publicist at the email provided.

 UPDATE (May 1, 2011)
Be sure to purchase the newest edition of Filipino American Psychology

UPDATE (April 2, 2011)
Check out this great article focusing on the PAPAYA Project.

UPDATE (February 4, 2011)
Born Gay, Born This Way

UPDATE (October 14, 2010)

Here are two amazing articles written about me. I'm honored and touched.

Thank you to Kalusugan Coalition for honoring me and for allowing me a platform to advocate for the
Filipino American and LGBT communities.

UPDATE (September 6, 2010)
 Check out this great article on

UPDATE (July 20, 2010)

My newest book, Filipino American Psychology: A Collection of Personal Narratives, has been released.

UPDATE (June 12, 2010)
Thank you for Queensborough President Helen Marshall,
Filipino American Human Services, Inc. (FAHSI),
Philippine Forum, and the Foundation for Filipino Artists, Inc. (FFA)

for the wonderful recognition in honor of Philippine Independence Day.

UPDATE (February 22, 2010)

New Appearance on Documentary "The Hidden Dream"

HGTV Front Door

Hell's Kitchen: NY neighborhood video on

Please click above to view my newest appearance on HGTV.